Season 2 Credits

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You have been listening to The Game of Rassilon, Season 2.

  • The Doctor – Riley Silverman
  • Travis – Dan Peck
  • Carrie – Kate Le
  • Captain Greg Kinnear – David Blue
  • The Master – Dino Andrade
  • Roman and Susan – Michael Nixon
  • Romana – Goldie Chan
  • The War Doctor – Ben Paddon
  • The Twelfth Doctor – Guillaume Babey
  • The Doctor of Loss – Elisa Melendez
  • The Doctor of Peace – Mikey Neumann
  • And introducing Joseph Scrimshaw as the Previous Doctor
  • Other parts played by members of the cast
  • Campaign and mod design – Michael Nixon and Ben Paddon
  • Game Master – Ben Paddon
  • Engineering – Michael Nixon
  • Editing and sound design for episodes 17 and 20 – Ben Paddon
  • Editing and sound design¬† for all other episodes – David King
  • Opening theme – Drew Krassowski
  • Recap theme – Luke Baldridge
  • Producers – Michael Nixon, Ben Paddon, and Dan Peck

The producers would like to thank Michael Gagon, Ken Haberman, Casey Jones, Kaela King, Tyler McPhail, Mandy Oquendo, and the team at Geeky Teas & Games in Burbank, California. We would also like to thank the cast, crew, writers, and producers of Doctor Who from 1963 through to the present day and beyond.

The Doctor, Travis, and Carrie will return in The Game of Rassilon: Season 3, coming March 2021.

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