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2.20: Recursion of the Daleks – a Doctor Who Day Special

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Celebrating 57 years of Doctor Who! The Doctor (Riley Silverman) and her companions (Dan Peck, Kate Lê) join forces with the Previous Doctor (Joseph Scrimshaw) to battle the Daleks for the safety of history.

With Special Guest Joseph Scrimshaw.

Editing and Sound Design: Ben Paddon.
Theme music arrangement: Drew Krassowski.
Our Doctor’s Theme: Luke Baldridge.
Special thanks to Ken Haberman.
Recorded remotely. Stay safe, everyone!

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TRAILER: Recursion of the Daleks – Coming Nov 23rd!

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Coming this month: Recursion of the Daleks. An extended-length Doctor Who Day Special!

The TARDIS is pulled through time, bringing the Doctor, Travis, and Carrie to the ruins of a colony on a barren world. There, they are greeted by the Previous Doctor, who needs our Doctor’s help to repair the Web of Time. But the Doctor’s oldest enemies lurk in the shadows, and they have the most terrible plan…

Featuring special guest Joseph Scrimshaw (Obsessed, Force Center, writer on Adult Swim’s Tigtone) as the Previous Doctor.

“Recursion of the Daleks” drops November 23rd, 2020 to celebrate Doctor Who Day, the anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who in 1963.